North America Through Time: A Paleontological History of Our Continent

Lynne M. Clos

Many books have been written on the history of life, but none other that tells the story of North America's role in the saga. How did our continent come to be, and what part did it play in the unfolding drama of evolution? What ancient plants and animals inhabited our shores? Abundantly illustrated with stunning paleoart and photographs of fossils, all in full color, this is a journey through time like you've never seen it before. Clothbound. MORE INFORMATION.

Field Adventures in Paleontology

Lynne M. Clos

A compilation of Lynne's popular accounts of what it is like to hunt for dinosaurs, cycads, trilobites, and other fossils in the field, from a unique, personal point of view. A must for anyone considering a career in paleontology, for serious amateurs, and anyone else who wonders what field paleontology entails. One reader described it as "just like being there!" Adventures from Alaska to Australia to Argentina and beyond. Softcover. MORE INFORMATION

Keeping the Silver Arowana in the Aquarium

Lynne M. Clos

Think all fossils are dead? No! Here's a book about a "living fossil": the silver arowana, Osteoglossum bicirrhosum, a fish from the Amazon River that is little changed since the Jurassic Period.

Keeping the Silver Arowana in the Aquarium is the complete how-to guide to caring for the silver arowana as an aquarium fish. What size tank do you need? What kind of filtration? What do you feed her? How fast will your arowana grow? What are these magnificent fish like as pets? What are the common problems you might encounter, and how do you handle them? Here's everything you need to know from an experienced silver arowana guardian. Easy to read and abundantly illustrated with color photographs, this is a book you'll read thoroughly and refer to again and again. Softcover, color. MORE INFORMATION