menu buttons Fossil News - Journal of Avocational Paleontology is a bimonthly magazine published specifically with the fossil enthusiast or avocational paleontologist in mind. A wide variety of articles is presented, most of them written by avocational paleontologists, on subjects ranging from field experiences to fossils of a given type or region to paleoart to evolutionary theory. Whether you are an armchair paleontologist or an experienced field collector, we have something to offer you.

In addition to our feature articles, we have book reviews, summaries of the latest findings reported in the primary literature, and a marketplace where fossils, books, and paleoparaphernalia and services are advertised for sale and trade.

The title "Journal of Avocational Paleontology" is intended to distinguish us from the technical journals in which university and museum professionals publish their research. Our target audience is the "educated layman," someone who may have had an interest in paleontology for years, has probably collected fossils on his or her own, and wishes to know more about the subject through articles which are written in plain English without a lot of technical jargon. Our staff and writers are very knowledgeable; many have advanced degrees in related fields, but just as many do not, instead having many years of applicable experience. Yet, we strive to write in such a way that the neophyte and the lifelong paleophile can both find something of interest.

Fossil News has up until now been both a printed and an online magazine. The last printed issue will be Nov/Dec 2011, and beginning with Jan/Feb 2012, Fossil News will be solely an online publication. We do have a limited number of printed back issues (mostly from 2011 and 2010) available while supplies last; inquire by email if interested. The online magazine is published as a pdf retaining all the formatting of the print version but in full color! No change to online as a result of the discontinuation of print is anticipated.

Check out our past issues to get an idea of what our publication is all about. If you'd like to subscribe, a year of Fossil News (6 issues) is $15 regardless of where in the world you live. For information and subscriptions, click the button at left, the link above, or contact us by e-mail or snail mail:

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North America Through Time: A Paleontological History of Our Continent

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